Orthodontics is a specialised branch of dentistry concerned with the aesthetics and function of the teeth, jaws and face. 


We offer at least three types of brace

Silver braces

'Silver' Braces

Stainless steel fixed appliances (train tracks) are normally worn by children but adults can choose them too.

They deliver great results in the minimum time making them the number one choice for most orthodontists.

Tooth coloured braces

Tooth Coloured Braces

Tooth coloured braces are very discrete versions of the 'silver' train track braces. They are made of tooth coloured porcelain and are a great choice for people who need to wear fixed braces but do not want to advertise it. Children can also have these braces if they are concerned about the appearance of 'silver' braces.


Invisalign straightens teeth using a series of nearly invisible aligners that are custom-made to your teeth for comfort. As you replace each aligner every two weeks, your teeth will move gradually towards the final projected position as prescribed. Unlike fixed braces, you can remove the aligners and put them back in again at any time - so you end up with the straight new smile that transforms your life.

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See a happy Invisalign customer

"Invisalign gave me the confidence to smile again"

"I'd developed a complex about my teeth. My front teeth stuck out and my jaw was too small, which meant that I hated smiling. I looked into treatment options and decided Invisalign was the right choice for me. Because they're nearly invisible, I was able to carry on living my life without being self conscious, most people didn't even know I was wearing them.

From start to finish, my treatment took 18 months. I wore the aligners every day, and just removed them to eat and drink. That's the beauty of Invisalign, they fit into your life. Thanks to the treatment I now feel so much more confident. Put simply, I got my smile back."


Invisalign before and after


Invisalign before and after


The time it takes to complete Invisalign treatment varies from person to person. It depends on how often you wear your aligners, your lifestyle and your treatment goals.

Initial Consultation

Visited my Invisalign Provider who confirms my teeth can be straightened using Invisalign.



I had my teeth scanned using a 3D scanner and with the ClinCheck demo, I was able to see how my teeth should look at the end of my treatment.

Month 1

I received my first set of aligners - I'm surprised at how comfortable they are to wear and easy to remove.

Months 4-9

Receiving a new set of aligners about every two weeks. I'm already starting to see a difference in my teeth.

Months 9-17

Each set of aligners is bringing me closer to the smile I want. And still hardly anyone has even noticed that I'm
wearing them.

Month 18

Removed my final set of aligners to reveal my new straight smile. Such a great feeling.

Patient Information Leaflets

Information for orthodontic patients from the British Orthodontic Society (BOS).

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